Since 1997, West Houston Tree Transplanting Company has consistently provided the greater Houston Area with the healthiest, highest quality Oak Trees in Texas.

From the moment you step foot on our extensive nursery, an experienced staff and installation crew ensures that you purchase the right shade or privacy tree for your landscaping needs.

We have proudly donated trees and tree installation to the people of Katy that include the Nutall Red Oaks along George Bush Avenue, the Heritage Museum, the Municipal Courthouse and the Katy Police Department.


Nutall Red Oak

Nutall Oaks are quick, hardy growers that usually grow into a pyramidal tree 40 to 60 feet tall with a strong central leader. With plenty of head room beneath its branches and leaves that drop cleanly in late fall, Nutall Oaks make great lawn or patio trees. Typically found in Plant Hardiness Zone s 5-9, the Nutall Oak is ideal for those searching for a non-invasive shade or privacy tree with great fall color.

Southern Live Oak

Southern Live Oaks are typically evergreen with dark, thick bark and stiff, leathery leaves. Depending on the growing conditions, live oaks vary in size with open-grown trees reaching 60 feet in height, with a limb spread of almost 80 feet. The tree crown is very dense making it valuable for shading.

Katy Tree Farm is a high quality wholesale nursery in Katy, Texas featuring two varieties of Oak Trees. We do guarantee our trees for various periods when automatic irrigation is in use.

Our trees range from 2 to 9 inches caliper and transplant very well to the local area because that’s where they grew!


Big John 90E

This 90E Big John Tree Spade digs a hole about 90 inches around with a tree ball weight of about 18,000 pounds. Making it possible to transplant a tree today for shade and have shade that same day for years to come.


Optimal 1100

It is perfect to move bushes, shrubs, ornamental trees or Palm trees that are not too big. This Optimal spade has been very popular for on-site moving of material by home owners, developers and landscapers. It is able to operate on just about any surface without any damage. We have used this combination to move up to 100 large shrubs and trees in a single day at a golf course. During the fall or winter months it is capable of moving on-site trees up to 4 inch caliper. With the Optimal 1100 spade it is possible to move material within a few inches from a structure or other object without damaging it. There are times when this Optimal 1100 can get into and out of areas that a tree truck cannot. This combination can also be used to dig trees and place them in a wire basket with burlap in order to transport them to a different location on a trailer. Outstanding transplanter to use on job sites to move mature shrubs and ornamental trees.


*Please let us take a look at the project and we will tell you if we can do it. If it is something that is too big or too small for us we will be happy to refer you to another tree mover who would be better suited for your needs.*


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